Larry’s Platform

#commUNITY and #weallin

Larry Flenoid’s campaign for Mayor of Springfield, Missouri is centered around accomplishing reasonable local programs that will help support community enrichment through personal growth and local involvement in government.

Larry Flenoid
Larry Flenoid

Community Policing

The police who patrol our communities need to live in those communities. As your Mayor, Larry will demand more local policing, and to limit policing from outside departments so that the officers who hold us accountable remain accountable to us.

We need police who respect and understand us, who live and love like us. As Mayor, Larry will help plan community events to familiarize the citizens of Springfield with the police officers who serve them, and to help remind them that behind the badge is a human being.

Larry speaking with a megaphone
Larry Flenoid has a track record as a strong local voice for the people.

Growing Our Own Politicians

Change can’t stop with Larry. As your Mayor, Larry will seek to inspire community and government involvement in high school and college students so that the future leaders of America aren’t all career politicians.

Larry Flenoid
As Mayor, Larry promises to always remain a mouthpiece for the community he serves.

Community Education

Our communities need to come together again. As Mayor, Larry will organize events to pair local teachers with members of the community who want to take classes in subjects including cooking, home repair, automotive repair, and computer use. Larry believes in teaching a person to fish instead of just giving a person a fish.

Larry wants to support continued community growth by fostering access to HiSET training classes, and by helping high school graduates who don’t plan to continue on to four year universities with careers as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians.

417 Days

Inspired by St. Louis’ 314 Days, Larry plans to create multiple 417 Day events at parks and schools around the community. Besides being a great way to meet people who live and work in the city, this is a way for city leaders to get up close and personal to gauge where community support is flourishing and identify the neighborhoods where we need more community love and support.

Next Steps

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